about stephen s. mercer:

Every business needs an edge. What's yours?

Retailers wear different hats, and jewelry is an ever-changing industry, it's nice to know there is someone there to help. Stephen Mercer can provide your store with a competitive advantage. He'll consult with you to make your operation more effective, and present compelling jewelry that will increase your profitability. His objective is to build a business together with you, where your goals are his own.

Here's what Stephen can do:

Reconnoiter and deliver exciting new jewelry. As an industry insider, Stephen has access to and knowledge of the latest cutting-edge fashion.

Act as a scout for your organization. His insight into the industry keeps you on the cusp of emerging styles. Be it from the Hollywood red carpet to the fingers of fashionable brides-to-be, Stephen stays on the forefront of trends and then makes that information available to you.

Advise and suggest changes that make your jewelry operation more profitable. Whether suggesting a mix-up to your product line or altering the layout of your retail outlet, Stephen is a clearing house for great ideas. Talk with him today and discover concepts that can change your business.